Tourists explore the mountain at the Eagles Nest in Germany.

An Orthodox Jew reads a holy book at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The Western wall is the central hub for religion and is considered one of the most holy places in the world.

During a break from a movie shoot, an actress kisses a stagehand in downtown Munich. 
Nuns return to their residence in Vatican City while tourists drink in the streets and explore the city in Rome.  

A man explains the statue "Oddyseus blinding the cyclops" to a boy.

Prague, Czech Republic

Kim Jeudevine and her son, Mcclain Jeudevine, frantically fight with Kalamazoo police officers to go back inside their burning house in order to save their cats. Both mother and son had to be placed in handcuffs and detained until police and firefighters had the situation under control.

Alejandro Lerma retrieves his hat from the water after it blew off his head at Whitford lake in the Fort Custer recreation area.

A Ghanian street child waits for free food and water in the Kumasi marketplace.

Sisters, Brooke and Brielle, lay on a changing table after swim therapy. The girls both have spinal muscular atrophy, a rare motor neuron disease that affects the voluntary muscles.

Children at the School of Night Rabbits listen closely to a lesson being taught at their small one room school. For the children, night time is their only opportunity to attend school because they have to sell goods during the day. This non-profit school gives the children an opportunity for an education where there otherwise would be none.

Artists in residency at the Penland School of Craft get ready to leave their gallery opening in a make shift ice cream/party truck. 

A Jewish man observes the southern wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel.

A deer is transported down I-94 towards Kalamazoo at the beginning of the hunting season. 

A shopkeeper smokes a cigarette in the old city of Jerusalem. 

An elephant passes by a motorcycle in Molé national park. In this village, the people live alongside the animals and they have daily encounters with a variety of them. Molé National Park, Ghana

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